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Helena Sutton


Tel: +48 509 622 207

Address: Solna 17, 81-577 Gdynia, Pomorskie, Polska

Distance to the Gdańsk Airport 15 min

From time to time it is possible to buy a cowed and trained Cairn. Selected cairn terrier puppies often go to a distant world, we always help in meeting export conditions and preparing youngsters for a long journey in terms of transport and export documents.

Cairn Terriers quickly adapt to new circumstances and become a member of their new family. If you are not at home for eight hours a day, it can be difficult for you to practice with a tiny puppy, for example, to arrange your physiological needs outdoors. Be open to various possibilities and consider purchasing an older puppy or a more mature cairn terrier fully socialized. Occasionally, some of the cairn terriers were reserved by me as promising exhibition dogs, they grew up in our home - the perfect choice for a working family. 

I will be happy to answer all your questions about Cairn Terriers. The most important thing is that your Cairn Terrier will suit you in personality, temperament and YOUR COMMON HAPPINESS! 

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