Cairn Terrier Kennel

Kennel cairn terrier EDEUS FCI is a small family kennel in northern Poland in Gdynia. The name Edeus is the name of the first cairn terrier read from the end, which commemorates our best decision regarding the choice of cairn terrier in our home. We are supporters of domestic upbringing of cairn terriers, where every cairn terrier is fully treated as a family member, and the cairn terrier puppies leaving our home are carefully socialized with you in mind!

Edeus kennel is registered in the Polish Kennel Club, Federation Cynologique Internationale and in the Midland Cairn Terrier Club in Great Britain. Because of its magnificent psyche and unpretentious appearance, cairn terrier dogs have become an integral part of our home bonfire, and trips to international dog shows and carn terrier kennels are our passion!

Our Cairn Terriers are loving family members, live with us, sail, travel, go for walks to the forest and the beach with our three children - they are used to energetic home surroundings. Cairn terriers are used to plushies from a children's room and to retrieving tennis balls. If you are considering having a cairn terrier puppy, expect a lot of fun, joy and giggling in your family. Visit the 'Puppies' tab with information about available cairn terrier puppies.

We carefully plan each of our associations in the hope that our little ones will inherit the most valuable features of outstanding Scandinavian, English and Scottish breeding lines, always bearing in mind the anatomy, the anatomy and the exterior. In cairn terrier EDEUS FCI breeding, the priority is to carefully select traits to keep up with the pattern, healthy, intelligent, sociable, with a consistent temperament of cairn terriers. We always strive for each of our next generation to be equally beautiful or better in quality and that every family would be proud of having a cairn terrier from Breeding Edeus.

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