Cairn Terrier Puppies - Semptember 2018 

Puppies development fourth week:
Our puppies have left the stage of the riders and bravely jump like rabbits. They have an appointment with the vet and have been dewormed according to their weight. Systematic deworming of dogs is very important in their development, allows them to better absorb calcium and vitamins from specially prepared meals and breast milk. In two weeks we will be at the litter's review and until then we are waiting for the departure of all teeth, more loved body and cuddly sweetness.

All puppies are cairn terrier from the autumn "Sonata Beelzebub" litter, our puppies are leaving in different parts of Poland as well as traveling around the world, Florida Arizona California (US), South Africa, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands. pictures of available puppies.

All Cairn Terrier puppies are born and raised in our home. Each of them is loved by us, carefully socialized to be a companion of a family with children and prepared for an adventure on the show ring. We will continue to set high standards by cultivating healthy and beautiful Cairns in their construction and temperament, and in particular MEMORY OF YOUR FAMILY!


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